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The non-alcoholic beer market is rapidly expanding in the United States and becoming an increasingly popular choice for health-conscious consumers, designated drivers, and those who don't want to risk the hangover associated with alcoholic beer. Major beer brands are investing in non-alcoholic beer products and microbreweries are experimenting with interesting and unique flavor profiles. Non-alcoholic beer is becoming more widely available and it's easy to find both in stores and on tap at bars and pubs.

Heineken 0.0, the non-alcoholic beer from Netherlands-based Heineken International, is among the most popular choices in the US and is now widely available in stores and on tap. This classic lager is brewed with a perfect balance of bitter and sweet notes and has a light, crisp flavor that's perfect for those looking for a lower-alcohol beverage.

Athletic Brewing Company is another popular microbrewery that produces non-alcoholic beers. Their signature Run Wild IPA is a hoppy and flavorful non-alcoholic India Pale Ale that has been incredibly popular. The beer has a beautiful golden color and a balanced blend of citrus, floral and herbal hop aromas and flavors. Athletic Brewing Co. is also at the forefront of innovation and they have recently released a line of non-alcoholic beers that are made with organic ingredients.

Non-alcoholic beer is becoming increasingly popular in cities all across the United States. In California, San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego have all embraced the growing non-alcoholic beer trend and craft breweries are beginning to experiment with a variety of non-alcoholic beers. In the Midwest, Chicago is a major hub for non-alcoholic beer and many bars, pubs and restaurants are now offering these options on tap. On the East Coast, New York City is leading the way with several bars and restaurants offering a variety of non-alcoholic beer options.

As non-alcoholic beer continues to gain popularity, it's easy to find in stores and on tap. The majority of grocery stores, convenience stores and liquor stores now offer non-alcoholic beer options, and there are also several online stores that specialize in selling non-alcoholic beer. With the growing demand for this lower-alcohol beverage, it's likely that more bars and restaurants will begin to offer non-alcoholic beer options in the near future.

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