Non-alcoholic beer in Kentucky

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Hey y'all, let's talk about Kentucky's non-alcoholic beer scene—it's straight-up legendary, especially in Louisville, Lexington, Bowling Green, and Owensboro. When it comes to scoring the best booze-free sips, look no further than KROGER, LIQUOR BARN, TARGET, and yes, KROGER again—these spots are the real Kentucky gems!

Louisville crew, you know the drill—KROGER is your spot for all things non-alcoholic and more. Shoutout to LIQUOR BARN, TARGET, and the second mention of KROGER—they're holding it down across Louisville, Lexington, Bowling Green, and Owensboro, making the non-alcoholic beer game strong. These aren't just stores; they're like the hangouts where you discover your next favorite brew!

Being a true Kentuckian, diving into the non-alcoholic beer scene is a treat with KROGER, LIQUOR BARN, TARGET, and, of course, KROGER. From the Derby City to the Bluegrass State gems, these joints are where the non-alcoholic magic happens. Join the vibe, spread the good word, and let's raise a glass to the booming non-alcoholic wave in the heart of the South!