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Surely Wines began as a collaborative effort among friends with a shared goal: to provide a sophisticated option for those choosing not to consume alcohol, regardless of their reasons.

The brand's mission is to offer the best of both worlds, crafting exceptional-tasting wines that don't compromise on your health.

Surely Wines collaborates with a talented team of winemakers and sources grapes from premium regions in California. Their winemaking process starts with alcoholic wine, from which they carefully remove the alcohol. Following de-alcoholization, they blend in small quantities of juice to enhance the aroma and palate. The result is a perfectly balanced wine that suits any lifestyle.

The Social Stigma

Going out with friends and choosing not to drink shouldn't be met with strange looks. Surely Wines aims to make non-alcoholic drinks a natural choice at any social gathering, ensuring you don't feel like the odd one out. They want to be your go-to order and the reason you suggest meeting co-workers for happy hour.

It's about balance

Whether you're considering switching up your drinking habits, cutting back, or eliminating alcohol from your life, Surely Wines understands that the journey is unique for everyone. They support you, whether you're just exploring options or committed to significant changes.

Friendly Benefits

Surely Wines emphasizes that antioxidants don't come from alcohol but from meticulously cultivated grapes nurtured by Mother Earth and dedicated humans. They utilize these grapes to create high-quality, delicious wine straight from California soil. By removing the alcohol, you can still enjoy the health benefits of wine.

High standards are an understatement

The Surely Wines team is ambitious, setting lofty goals while also knowing how to have fun. They strive to provide options that don't compromise what truly matters. Their aim is to promote clearer mornings, longer nights, deeper conversations, stronger connections, and personal growth.

Real, Great Wine. We Mean It.

Surely Wines doesn't take quality lightly. They are continuously working to enhance their product. Their team of winemakers is highly qualified and dedicated to delivering exceptional non-alcoholic wines, all made with real, great-tasting wine from California.

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