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Introducing Parch Cocktails

Parch Cocktails offer refreshingly complex non-alcoholic agave cocktails infused with desert botanicals and adaptogens.

Bitter & Sweet - Prickly Paloma

Prickly Paloma is a citrus and bittersweet cocktail that highlights the lively combination of Organic Blue Weber Agave, Prickly Pear Cactus Fruit, Grapefruit & Orange Bitters, Lime juice, floral-tart Hibiscus, and Desert Botanicals.

Smoky & Spicy - Spiced Piñarita

Spiced Piñarita delivers a bold, smoky, and spicy fusion of Lush Golden Pineapple, Organic Blue Weber Agave, smoky Cayenne, juicy Prickly Pear Cactus Fruit, spicy Mole Bitters, Cocoa Extract, and Desert Botanicals.

The Power of Adaptogens

Parch selected three adaptogens—Ashwagandha, American Ginseng, and L-theanine—for their complementary effects. These adaptogens support stress relief, boost the immune system, and promote wakeful relaxation without drowsiness. Their synergy enhances the body's ability to manage stress and maintain balance. Parch's commitment to quality led to the removal of GABA, a nootropic, to comply with Whole Foods standards.

The Sonoran Desert - Our Provenance

In the creation of Parch, the brand delved into ancient beverages, rituals, and botanical infusions from Mexico and the Southwestern US. Inspired by plant-based beverages that served as alternatives to alcohol, Parch draws its uniqueness from the Sonoran Desert and its rich biodiversity. Each sip offers complex flavors derived from unique combinations of desert ingredients based on the belief that "what grows together, goes together."

Our Pledge - 1% to the Desert

Parch has joined forces with ethno-botanist Jesus Garcia at The Mission Garden in Tucson, Arizona, and pledges to donate 1% of profits to support the garden's mission in preserving the lush biodiversity of the Sonoran Desert. The garden features numerous multi-cultural, ethno-agricultural heritage plots representing various ethnic groups that farmed the Tucson basin for millennia, cultivating crops well-suited to the climate and location.

Our Active Ingredients - The Parch Effect

Parch's unique blend of active adaptogens—Ashwagandha, L-Theanine, American Ginseng—was carefully selected to work harmoniously with the body's natural functions. Each can contains 185mg of this custom adaptogen blend known as "The Parch Effect." These adaptogens are sustainably sourced and have received Self-affirmed GRAS and/or FDA GRAS certification to ensure the highest efficacy.

Ingredient Spotlight - Sonoran Sea Salt

Parch employs native, sustainable, and mineral-rich Sonoran Sea Salt to enhance the depth, complexity, and taste of their cocktails. This sea salt is harvested from a remote and pristine estuary in Baja California, located on the Sea of Cortez—one of the most biologically diverse and mineral-rich bodies of water on Earth. It aligns with Parch's philosophy: "what grows together goes together."

Our Founders

Parch believes that everyone, regardless of their alcohol consumption, deserves carefully crafted, great-tasting, and complex beverages that harmonize with nature. Parch was created as a refreshing, credible alternative to alcohol, replacing ethanol with active adaptogens to promote a healthier approach to stress relief, indulgence, and enjoyment. –Rodolfo Aldana & Ila Byrne

Our Creative Partners

Young Jerks, a Brooklyn-based branding studio, is the creative partner of the PARCH Spirits Company. Their intuitive understanding of culture and aesthetics, combined with research, drives the creative vision for all things PARCH, bringing the brand's lush vision to life.


Parch celebrates the nourishing power of nature and its biodiversity as a source of vitality and healing. All Parch products are 100% plant-based, gluten-free, and vegan. They are conscientiously crafted in harmony with the Sonoran Desert.

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