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Introducing RationAle Brewing

RationAle Brewing is a pioneer in the realm of non-alcoholic craft beers, catering to those who appreciate the art of moderation and a discerning taste for flavorful, alcohol-conscious beverages. Their mission is to elevate your craft beer experience while allowing you to choose your own path regarding alcohol consumption.

The Birth of RationAle

Founded in a moment of inspiration around a bonfire, RationAle Brewing embodies a commitment to promoting an alcohol-conscious lifestyle. Jamie Fay, the visionary behind RationAle, shared his own life experiences and the desire to instill healthy choices in his sons. An authentic conversation sparked the name "RationAle," and thus, a brand centered around the enjoyment of craft beer and alcohol moderation was born.

Moderation and Inclusion

RationAle Brewing's core values revolve around moderation and inclusion. They recognize that each individual has their rationale for choosing to consume, or not. Their role is to provide top-quality, delicious craft beer that's free from alcohol, allowing you to enjoy the full craft beer experience without the booze.

The Craft Beer Revolution Begins

RationAle Brewing is launching its first two SKUs - Totally Rational Citrus Hazy IPA and Rational Vibes Cerveza - as a significant upgrade to alternative beverage options. These brews are produced using cutting-edge dealcoholization technology from Barrel Brothers Brewing Company, which ensures that alcohol is gently removed while preserving the beer's original flavor and characteristics.

RationAle's SKUs

- Totally Rational Hazy IPA: A grapefruit-forward brew with citrus notes, offering a delightful hoppy experience.

- Rational Vibes Cerveza: A classic Mexican lager with a crisp and refreshing flavor to quench your thirst.

A Vision for an Alcohol-Conscious Lifestyle

Jamie Fay, the founder of RationAle Brewing, embarked on this entrepreneurial venture with over 25 years of global leadership experience within the CPG industry. He brings a wealth of knowledge and passion for the brand's mission, making it a key player in the growing NA category. Fay is joined by partners Zach Minard, founder of Tall Trees Design Co., and Jess Windell, founder and CEO of Maven Consulting, who share a deep commitment to RationAle's growth and success.

Paving the Way for an NA Revolution

RationAle Brewing is launching its innovative craft beers via eCommerce, bringing a new level of innovation and quality to the non-alcoholic beer category. With consumers seeking mindful alcohol consumption, RationAle's brews fill the gap by offering the full body and delicious flavor notes of premium beer without the alcohol.

Quality Speaks for Itself

RationAle's brews are served in 16 oz. cans, made with high-quality ingredients, and produced in small batches to mimic the bold and refreshing taste of traditional craft beer. Their launch is well underway, with their SKUs already available via eCommerce and expanding to strategic West Coast retail and on-premise partners.

Future Expansion and Innovation

Following their official launch, RationAle has ambitious plans to grow and expand its portfolio across California, Oregon, and Washington. They will continue to innovate and build upon their existing product lines to cater to the discerning tastes of their customers.

About RationAle Brewing

RationAle Brewing was founded in 2021 by Jamie Fay and officially launched in early 2022, with a vision to offer a range of small-batch, non-alcoholic craft beers. Rooted in the idea of embracing moderation without sacrificing flavor, their brews are crafted in collaboration with Barrel Brothers Brewing Company, ensuring a premium and alcohol-conscious experience for all.

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