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Welcome to the world of NON, a brand beloved by renowned chefs, restaurants, bar owners, and self-proclaimed foodies from around the world.

Founded by Aaron Trotman, a serial entrepreneur with a passion for food, NON is on a mission to revolutionize the world of beverages. NON is a carefully crafted blend of flavors that balances key notes of floral, tannin, salinity, and acidity with a bold, minimalist approach.

Designed by a team of expert food and beverage professionals, NON draws from a wealth of knowledge spanning various domains, including chefs, bartenders, food scientists, and winemakers.

Made in their purpose-built NON Laboratories in Melbourne, Australia, a gastronomic hub, NON represents a 0.0% reinterpretation of the wine experience, offering something for everyone on any occasion.

NON's products exist beyond the confines of tradition, indifferent to the rules, and carry an irreverent attitude.

Every ingredient that goes into NON undergoes individual processing, a unique process known by only three individuals worldwide.

Step 1: Pick Natural Produce

NON collaborates with local and international farmers and suppliers to ensure the highest quality ingredients. While the variety of fruits and vegetables may change with the seasons, they are always chosen for their top flavor and peak seasonality.

Step 2: Cook Our Produce

Roasting, stewing, steeping, and curing are all done in-house, employing various culinary techniques to extract complex flavors from the best ingredients.

Step 3: Add Verjus

Verjus, the unfermented juice of young, unripened grapes, serves as the base for all NON flavors. It is blended in as the final ingredient, providing body, balance, acidity, and the opportunity for flavors to shine.

Step 4: Filter

NON uses a dual-stage filtration technique to remove any remaining food matter and particles. However, due to the abundance of natural ingredients, some natural sediment may be present, ensuring an authentic experience.

Step 5: Bottle

The final product is an intricately balanced blend of flavors, with key notes of floral, tannin, salinity, and acidity, all presented in an iconic, bold design. NON is best enjoyed chilled in a wine glass, suitable for everyone and every occasion.

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