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Joyus non-alcoholic wines not only emulate the taste of wine but the essence of great wine. Their collection boasts a string of industry awards, demonstrating their exceptional quality. In one of the country's oldest and most extensive blind wine tastings, Joyus brought home an impressive array of accolades, including double gold, gold, silver, and bronze medals. Their success extends internationally, further reinforcing their commitment to excellence.

Understanding the challenges of abstaining from alcohol, Joyus empathizes with the feeling of missing out. With over 17 years of personal experience, they know the struggle all too well. From sipping cranberry and soda at girls' night to toasting with sparkling apple cider at their own wedding, the routine gets old. In response, Joyus created delicious non-alcoholic wines, offering an adult alternative that closely mirrors the real thing. These alcohol-removed wines not only taste but also feel and look like authentic wine. Joyus is the ideal choice for those seeking a happy, joyous, and alcohol-free lifestyle.

Joyus is headquartered in the picturesque Pacific Northwest, proudly representing the first non-alcoholic winery in the region and calling Seattle, WA home. While many non-alcoholic wines are imported, Joyus takes pride in producing their non-alcoholic wines in the USA.

As the only sober-owned and woman-owned non-alcoholic winery in the country, Joyus has achieved several remarkable firsts, including winning gold in an industry wine competition. They prioritize building a strong community and proudly identify as a woman-owned business (WOB).

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