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While Spiritless officially began in 2019, its story extends much further back in time. For decades, the founders worked with some of the world's largest spirits conglomerates, learning the art of mixology and the intricate science behind crafting the perfect cocktail. They acquired expertise at the feet of the masters and developed an understanding of the alchemy and magic that goes into cocktail-making, along with the knack for hosting unforgettable parties.

Yet, during every entertaining endeavor, there was always a last-minute scramble to provide a non-alcoholic option that would genuinely appeal to their clients, friends, neighbors, and spouses. Common substitutes like fruit juices, fancy shrubs, and tonics fell short of expectations, and club soda with lime didn't quite cut it. This led to a compelling question: wouldn't it be wonderful if their guests could savor a special libation from an elegant glass and feel truly content?

The answer was a resounding "yes," and thus, Spiritless was born. The core idea was to create a non-alcoholic spirit that could be a delightful cocktail in itself, accessible to all.

Creating a non-alcoholic spirit in the birthplace of bourbon, Kentucky, required boldness and determination. Their history of entrepreneurship and decades of experience in full-proof spirits motivated them to embark on this endeavor. Early attempts at distillation had their ups and downs, but the unwavering Spiritless team continued experimenting and refining their creations.

The result of their determination is the Kentucky 74, a beautifully distilled non-alcoholic spirit tailored to complement your favorite bourbon cocktails. It offers a high-quality, smooth finish, featuring familiar notes of caramel, vanilla, and oak, all without the regrettable aftereffects experienced with traditional alcoholic spirits.

Less is Yes!

Spiritless caters to conscientious cocktail enthusiasts, those seeking no- and low-alcohol options, and individuals who want to fully enjoy life while shaking, stirring, sipping, and celebrating differently. They eagerly anticipate the day when any consumer can walk into any bar, choose a cocktail, and proudly #OrderItSpiritless.

From the Lou to the Lone Star

In May 2021, Spiritless announced the establishment of their corporate headquarters in Austin, Texas. While they may have transitioned from the Lou to the Lone Star State, trading Derby hats for cowboy boots, one thing remains constant: their beloved My Old Kentucky Home is never far from their hearts, minds, and lips, thanks to their namesake Kentucky 74.

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