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Seedlip presents a fresh and herbal blend of Peas and traditional garden herbs, including Rosemary, Thyme, and Spearmint. Each bottle measures 23.7 fl oz (700 ml) and can create 12-14 cocktails.

Seeds Sown

Over 300 years ago, it was a common practice for physicians to employ copper stills in distilling herbal remedies, harnessing the forces of nature and alchemy to address medical ailments. In 1651, one such physician, John French, authored "The Art of Distillation," documenting these non-alcoholic recipes. During the same era, a family in Lincolnshire embarked on farming and manually sowed seeds using baskets known as 'seedlips.'

Centuries later, Ben Branson chanced upon John French's recipes. Driven by his natural curiosity, he acquired a small copper still and initiated experiments in distilling herbs cultivated in his home garden.

After a few months, during a visit to an upscale London restaurant, Ben ordered a non-alcoholic cocktail and was disheartened to be served a pink, sugary drink that did not harmonize with the meal or the ambiance. This marked the commencement of two meticulous years devoted to perfecting Seedlip—a fusion of Ben's farming heritage, his passion for nature and design, and the pursuit of a refined non-alcoholic alternative.

Green Shoots

These years of dedication led to the creation of Seedlip's unique maceration, distillation, filtration, and blending process, wherein each individual botanical ingredient is distilled separately before blending. This process yields a liquid free from alcohol and sugar.

Ben introduced Seedlip Spice 94 at London's Selfridges on November 4th, 2015. His initial batch of 1,000 handmade bottles sold out within three weeks, followed by the second thousand in three days, and the third batch in just 30 minutes online.

Bud to Bloom

The pioneering movement of providing a sophisticated, adult choice to those abstaining from alcohol has evolved into a distinct category: the ever-expanding no & low alcohol segment.

Subsequently, Seedlip has garnered recognition in the world's finest bars, restaurants, hotels, and retailers worldwide. What commenced in a woodland kitchen is now at the forefront of a global revolution, reshaping our approach to beverages.

First Harvest

Seedlip is merely eight years old, and the response has been profoundly humbling. It has been voted the Number One Best-Selling Non-alcoholic Spirit by Drinks International for three consecutive years. The launch of their latest citrus expression, Seedlip Grove 42, and the publication of a Cocktail Book with Penguin are among the remarkable achievements. Seedlip is still in the early stages of its journey, but it remains dedicated to offering a flavorful, sophisticated, adult choice to those refraining from alcohol.

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