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Ritual, a company founded by three friends who have a zest for life, a passion for food, and a love for adventure. They enjoy family time, mountain-climbing, art, and late-night laughter. Their journey began in their kitchens, not with the intention of replacing liquor but to add a new dimension to their cocktail experiences.

However, simplicity was not the path they took. It took over a year and countless iterations to perfect their recipes. They delved into the intricacies of blending jambu and prickly ash, extracting the essence of blue agave, reducing juniper oil, and enhancing the perfume of pine. They compared vanilla from Madagascar to vanilla from China and sought advice from master chefs and Chicago's finest bartenders.

Their goal was not a mere glass of "something." They craved the authentic taste, smell, and feel of the real thing. They aimed to provide a new way to enjoy an old favorite, like an Old Fashioned.

Ritual's recipes are a labor of love because they care about what goes into their glasses. Their flavors are all-natural and free from allergens because they care about what goes into their bodies. And, because they care about the environment, their packaging and shipping processes minimize waste. The company remains a group of friends who continue to grow and share a toast to friendship, regardless of the contents of their glasses.

Environmental responsibility is a core value at Ritual. They understand the importance of taking care of the environment as individuals who drink water, breathe air, and share this planet. They make choices that reflect this sense of responsibility:

Sustainable Packaging: Ritual's packaging is made of 60% recycled materials. They use American-produced glass to reduce emissions from international shipping. Their caps are made from sugarcane in a carbon-negative process.

Plastic Neutrality: While working on eliminating plastic from their bottles, they've partnered with CleanHub to offset plastic usage by recycling an equivalent amount to their neck wraps. This makes them a plastic-neutral+ company, removing more plastic from the environment than they produce.

Optimizing Supply Chain: Ritual has optimized its supply chain to reduce waste and minimize the distance between manufacturing and distribution facilities. They've achieved a 59% increase in bottles delivered per gallon of fuel, saving 15,000 gallons of gasoline per year and lowering emissions.

Carbon Offset: Ritual offsets 3,503,132 pounds of CO₂ emissions in collaboration with EcoCart, covering the carbon footprint of all orders through monthly email promotions.

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