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Melanie is the founder of Ghia, and her mission is to take back the word "drinking" from alcohol.

Her childhood summers near the Mediterranean were filled with the tradition of Aperitivo, a way of life. She fondly remembers her mother and grandmother making giant jugs of limoncello, using freshly-picked lemons, enjoyed well into the night (and sometimes mornings) until Fall arrived.

The best part of those memories, and drinking in general, is that it transports you to a space of simple pleasures. It's about togetherness, connecting, letting loose, laughing, savoring great music, and even better friends. Melanie and her team wanted to create a drink that could take you to this place without numbing the night, a drink you'd remember in the morning.

So they created GHIA, a spirits-free apéritif adapted for modern times. It's an invitation to take a moment for yourself, to watch the sunset, transition from work to play, and take care of your loved ones.

They are tastefully transparent. Ghia's glass bottle is crystal clear for a reason, with nothing to hide. Each glass contains potent extracts of the finest botanical ingredients, always mindfully sourced. Ghia keeps you calm, enhances your appetite, and soothes the soul. Nourishing nervines, fragrant florals, bright citrus - each glass of Ghia tastes good and feels even better.

Is there really no alcohol?

Nope. There's really no alcohol. Nothing to numb the night or daze the day. Instead, their natural ingredients work together to chill you out and pick you up. Ghia wants you to feel good.

How should you drink Ghia?

In a pretty glass. The Apéritif is a concentrate that needs to be mixed - their go-to is 1 part Ghia, 3 parts bubbles of choice. They have more than 25 delicious recipes in their recipe book to help you sip. Their Spritzes are ready-to-sip and best enjoyed chilled straight from the can or on ice. You can drizzle Ghianduja on anything you're craving or enjoy it by the spoonful.

Do you need to refrigerate your bottle? How long does it keep once opened?

Just like an aperitivo, Ghia can be kept on your bar cart. Once opened, it's good to consume within 3 weeks. Refrigeration is not required, but they do prefer it for the longest-lasting taste. If you have an unopened Ghia, you can display it in a cool dry place and consume it by the Best By date listed on the bottle.

What is their packaging made of?

Everything they design is done with Mother Earth in mind. Aside from the mandatory cap seals on Apéritif bottles, none of their products use any single-use plastic. Their exposed aluminum design on Le Spritz cans ensures proper recycling. They use 100% paper and biodegradable inks, and their bottles can be upcycled. As of Spring 2023, their packaging does not use any virgin material or bleach. All of their boxes are now 100% recycled, 100% recyclable, and 100% beautiful, as they are here for a good time and a long time.

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