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Meet Spencer, the Founder

Spencer, the owner of CleanCo, had a life immersed in excessive drinking for most of his twenties, often in jobs where partying and entertaining were considered essential skills. However, before the birth of his first child, Spencer made a life-altering decision to go clean. This choice unlocked a dimension of his life he never expected—greater focus, drive, creativity, and productivity. It felt like he had more time in the day to achieve his goals. He discovered that alcohol wasn't a necessity for having fun, and since then, he hasn't looked back.

The Birth of CleanCo

The creation of CleanCo wasn't about preaching against alcohol consumption but about providing an alternative when mixing drinks, without compromising on taste or the social experience. CleanCo offers delicious, refreshing alternatives to gins, rum, tequila, vodka, and whiskey, aiming to be the leading independent brand in the UK. The company is committed to regular innovation to bring you the best non-alcoholic spirits on the market and doing so with enthusiasm. At CleanCo, they believe they're not selling non-alcoholic spirits; they're selling time—a life less wasted.

Making Our Liquids

Developing non-alcoholic spirits that are world-class is an exciting journey, guided entirely by taste. CleanCo's multi-award-winning global taste developers strive to not only match the flavors of your favorite full-strength drinks but also replicate the sensation and mouthfeel of alcohol. Never settling for mediocrity, CleanCo continuously innovates across their existing range and invests in new product development to offer choice, flavor, and experience without compromise. Their mission is to deliver the highest quality non-alcoholic alternatives—sugar, sweetener, and gluten-free. Your role is to enjoy them, explore your passions, and celebrate a life less wasted. Oh, and by the way, they're vegan and low in calories too.


Why CleanCo?

CleanCo. was born out of a need for better options. The founders were tired of sugary soft drinks and subpar low-alcohol/non-alcoholic choices, and they knew others felt the same way. That's when they created Clean G, using traditional methods to craft something with the character, quality, and complexity of a proper adult beverage.

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One Moment.
Time is slower when you're not drinking.