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Meet Alex and Dee

Avec is the brainchild of two friends, Alex and Dee, on a mission to elevate the art of drinking. Having grown up in London and New York, they know the profound impact of connecting with others over a good drink. From bustling bars to cozy home gatherings, they realized that the act of sharing a drink was where friendships were forged, break-ups discussed, and laughter shared.

Better for Your Taste Buds

Avec prioritizes real ingredients for a genuinely delightful taste. Their drinks derive their deliciousness from authentic components, such as a dash of real juice from sources like blood orange, pineapple, or yuzu. Natural botanicals are blended from real ingredients like jalapeƱo, lemongrass, or pomelo, ensuring a superior drinking experience.

Better for Your Body

What sets Avec apart is its commitment to reducing sugar content, with their beverages containing a remarkable 80-90% less sugar compared to other brands. They sweeten their drinks with naturally occurring sweeteners sourced from nature, not a laboratory, ensuring a healthier choice for your body.

Better for the Environment

Avec takes environmental responsibility seriously. As they embark on their journey, they proudly contribute 1% of their proceeds to 1% for the Planet. With ambitious plans to minimize waste and supply chain miles, they use recycled aluminum cans and produce their drinks locally in Brooklyn. Partnering with conscientious farmers who prioritize sustainable practices, Avec takes the environment into account in every aspect of their business.

Better Together

Diversity is at the core of Avec's philosophy. They firmly believe that diversity leads to better results. With founders hailing from diverse backgrounds, customers offering a wide range of perspectives, and flavors inspired by cultures around the world, diversity is central to Avec's identity and mission. They understand that diverse teams are not only smarter but essential for shaping their innovative and inclusive brand.

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