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Non-Alcoholic Cocktails with Afterglow

Afterglow is the magic behind non-alcoholic cocktails that deliver the rosy glow and warm wave you typically associate with alcoholic drinks—minus the alcohol. It's a 100% natural botanical heat extract that replicates the pleasant warmth of alcohol consumption. Afterglow plays a pivotal role in making AF Drinks' non-alcoholic cocktails taste as good as their alcoholic counterparts.

Our Mission

In 2020, AF Drinks was founded by Lisa King, best known as the founder of New Zealand's social enterprise, Eat My Lunch. Her journey into creating AF Drinks began with a personal reduction in alcohol consumption, leading her to explore the sober curious movement. Lisa's vision for AF Drinks is to make it easier for sober curious individuals to explore a different relationship with alcohol by fostering conversations and communities that normalize an alcohol-free lifestyle. The brand also strives to provide non-alcoholic drinks that offer a delicious, sophisticated, and adult alternative for those abstaining from alcohol.

Business with Heart

Eat My Lunch, another venture by Lisa King, is a well-known for-profit social enterprise in New Zealand. By ordering a lunch through Eat My Lunch, customers simultaneously provide a meal to a hungry Kiwi child. While the business successfully tackles child hunger, there's still a long way to go to address the 27% child poverty rate in New Zealand. The initiative has not only filled empty bellies but also had a positive impact on school attendance and student well-being.

Unraveling Food Insecurity

Ensuring that the scheme has a lasting, positive impact on children's lives requires consistency. The daily provision of fresh and healthy lunches to the same schools instills a sense of security among children who might otherwise go without a meal. Many kids, initially hesitant to eat their lunches at school, took the food home due to their concerns about their next meal. The variety of tasty and healthy food offered not only nurtures growing bodies but also exposes children to new foods, broadening their horizons.

Enter AF Drinks

AF Drinks is Lisa King's new venture to help people explore a new relationship with alcohol. The idea was sparked when Lisa connected her vertigo to her beloved gin-and-tonics and decided to take a break from alcohol. She realized that good alternatives to alcoholic drinks were scarce, either due to their taste or high costs. Recognizing the gap in the market, Lisa sought to create more than just a nice, grown-up AF drink. She aimed to lead an attitude shift, where choosing an alcohol-free lifestyle is socially acceptable.

The Alcohol-Free G&T

AF Drinks' initial product range was built around the alcohol-free G&T, a drink that Lisa, a happy non-drinker, had missed. The secret ingredient, Afterglow, mimics the warmth associated with spirit consumption. The result is a sophisticated and adult alternative to alcoholic beverages. AF Drinks' social mission extends to promoting normality in not drinking, recognizing that alcohol consumption is a source of social problems and mental wellness issues.

Soberish for Life

Lisa King mostly avoids alcohol but doesn't categorize herself as a teetotaler. She believes in being mindful of special occasions and indulging in a glass of wine when it's worth it. It's about savoring those moments, making them even more special, and approaching alcohol with a different perspective.

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