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Meet Jeff Stevens

Jeff Stevens is no stranger to the world of non-alcoholic living. Having made the decision to quit drinking alcohol years ago, he knew that the harmonious relationship he sought with booze was unattainable. Nevertheless, Jeff remained passionate about socializing, enjoying live music, and spending time with friends. His savior came in the form of non-alcoholic beer, allowing him to participate fully in the fun while staying sober.

The Birth of WellBeing Brewing

In 2017, Jeff and his wife and business partner, Genevieve, founded WellBeing Brewing with a clear vision. They aimed to create a range of high-quality, craft non-alcoholic beers that could be enjoyed by everyone in any social setting. Their mission was to challenge the stigma around "not drinking" and pioneer a new category of purpose-brewed, better-for-you craft beer. Today, WellBeing Brewing is a leading force in this mindful style of living that combines the social pleasures of traditional beer with the intentionality of well-being.

Revolutionary Brewing Techniques

WellBeing Brewing stands out with its cutting-edge technology, imported from Germany, that revolutionizes the non-alcoholic beer production process. Instead of stopping fermentation or boiling off alcohol, they employ a unique method. Craft beer is funneled through a vacuum and gently cooled to remove alcohol, resulting in a craft non-alcoholic beer that retains all the body, aroma, mouthfeel, and flavor of fully-brewed craft beer without the alcohol.

The WellBeing Mantras

WellBeing Brewing lives by three guiding principles:

Raise WellBeing: Mind + Body + Spirit. Embracing a proudly non-alcoholic lifestyle elevates your well-being and positively impacts those around you.

Bring Social to Sobriety: Challenging the outdated notion that alcohol is a requirement for fun.

Mindful of Our Mental Health: Recognizing the true nature of alcohol and the need to confront it openly and find liberation in embracing our humanity.

Connect through Inclusivity: Showing love and understanding to all individuals who abstain from alcohol or are simply taking a night off in every social situation they encounter.

Living Life Fully

WellBeing Brewing stands out as a non-alcoholic craft beer that offers both enjoyment and a spiritual journey. They believe in sparking the mind, boosting the body, and raising the spirit because we only have one life to live. While passionately advocating for proudly non-alcoholic living, they remain grounded, understanding that fun is an essential part of life in a world surrounded by alcohol. Their dedication lies in supporting individuals on their journey towards a better life, one day at a time.

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