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Introducing Go Brewing: The Alternative to Alcohol

At Go Brewing, they understand that the desire to enjoy a beer with friends is natural. Whether you're unwinding after a long workday or celebrating life's moments, there's always a reason to raise a glass. But what if you could enjoy the company of friends without waking up with a hangover? Go Brewing believes that the two shouldn't be mutually exclusive.

Crafting a Better Tomorrow

If you're someone who's tried to cut back on alcohol but ended up with a drink in hand anyway, Go Brewing gets you. They've been diligently working since 2020 to create a range of beers that cater to individuals like you—brews that not only taste great but are also better for your well-being. With lower alcohol content and fewer calories, they're all about setting the stage for more productive tomorrows.

A Simple Mission

Go Brewing's mission is clear and straightforward: to produce the best-tasting non and low-alcohol craft beer on the planet. At the helm of this mission is Joe Chura, the president, and founder. Joe's relationship with alcohol has evolved over the years. From his teenage years to his 40s, he never saw it as a problem. However, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic brought about significant changes. Joe and his wife, Heather, found themselves consuming more alcohol, making less healthy choices, and developing detrimental habits.

A Turning Point

During a hangover-filled moment, they decided to embark on a 75-day journey without alcohol. The initial stages were challenging, but over time, their cravings for alcohol began to diminish. However, there were still moments when they simply wanted a beer—something to satisfy that craving without derailing their newfound path.

The Birth of Go Brewing

Non-alcoholic beer came to the rescue, providing that balance between satisfaction and a healthier lifestyle. As the world slowly reopened, Joe and Heather found it hard to stick to their newfound habits when social settings primarily revolved around alcohol. They missed the ambiance of bars and breweries but had few options if they wanted to steer clear of alcohol.

Creating a New Solution

Out of this predicament, the concept of Go Brewing was born. What if they could craft non-alcoholic and low-alcohol beers without the negative side effects and provide a tap room with fantastic music and entertainment? In less than 18 months, they assembled an exceptional founding team, developed numerous beer recipes in collaboration with top brewers and consultants, and now, Go Brewing's doors are wide open for business.

Your Path to a Better Lifestyle

Perhaps alcohol has always been "one of those things" for you, and now you're yearning for clarity the morning after a night out. Maybe you've started a family and can't indulge as you did in your college days. Whatever your motivation, Go Brewing is eager for you to explore their offerings. Their commitment is to help you reduce the impact of high alcohol in your life, offering a great-tasting brew that's kinder to your well-being, making it easier to enjoy all life's experiences without regrets.

Discover Go Brewing

With Go Brewing, you can embark on a journey to embrace the best of both worlds. A great-tasting brew awaits you, designed to curb your cravings without the repercussions of high alcohol content. It's time to raise your glass to a brighter tomorrow.

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