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Introducing AL's: Enjoying Life's Simple Pleasures with Less Booze

Drinking a cold beer is one of life's simple pleasures. But what if you want to cut down on alcohol? A few years ago, AL's founder, Alban de Pury, embarked on a journey to explore life without alcohol. As a beer lover, he faced the challenge of finding a quality non-alcoholic beer, especially at his favorite dive bars and music venues. Fueled by this quest, AL's was born.

AL's is a classic American easy-drinking lager that allows you to savor life's best moments without the influence of alcohol. With a background in the music industry, Alban now finds himself in the audience, beer in hand, and it feels right. He hopes you'll enjoy AL's as much as he does.

- Alban

Is There Any Alcohol in AL's?

Yes, AL's beers contain low amounts of alcohol. AL's is classified as a 'non-alcoholic' malt beverage and contains less than 0.5% alcohol by volume, complying with the FDA definition. This minimal alcohol content is equivalent to what you might find in most juices, kombuchas, or foods with trace amounts of alcohol, like rye bread or a ripe banana due to natural fermentation. AL's typically contains between 0.2%-0.4% ABV, always staying below the legally accepted limit of 0.5% for non-alcoholic beverages.

Shelf Life and Storage

AL's is best enjoyed within 8-10 months after the production date printed on the bottom of the can, but it remains safe to drink beyond that period. It's recommended to store AL's in a cool, dry place, away from light. An even better option is to keep it refrigerated.

How Does AL's Taste?

AL's is a light, crisp, and refreshing non-alcoholic craft lager with less than 0.5% alcohol per volume. It's inspired by classic easy-drinking American beers and features a harmonious balance of bready character with herbal notes and spice from noble hops.

How Is AL's Made?

AL's has gone to great lengths to ensure it tastes like the best American lager. The brewers at AL's have combined their expertise with cutting-edge dealcoholization technology to create a non-alcoholic beer that faithfully replicates the essence, flavor, and texture of a real beer. AL's delivers that authentic "beer" taste.

AL's Origin

AL's was born in NYC.

Market Expansion

AL's classic American non-alcoholic lager is making its debut in Massachusetts and Rhode Island following several successful years, earning acclaim as one of the most crushable NA lagers available. Launched in 2020, AL's has quickly gained a strong presence in New York and New Jersey through Sarene Craft Beer Distributors. The brand offers its unique style in 12 oz cans, each with only 54 calories.

Co-Founders and Success

AL's is co-founded by Alban de Pury, a music industry veteran, along with his partner Fanny Karst. Alban's background includes roles at Warner Music and Absolut Vodka. He created AL's when he realized that the NA beer market needed a beverage that allowed people to comfortably fit into nightlife situations where alcohol is prevalent. The brand has found success in such places.

AL's Distributor

AL's distributor in Massachusetts and Rhode Island is Craft Collective Inc., representing prominent NA brands like Ghia and Casamara Club, along with established craft breweries such as Finback, Schilling, Singlecut, and Dorchester Brewing.

About AL's

AL's is a classic American non-alcoholic beer, founded in 2020. It's designed for enjoying life's simple pleasures with less booze. The brand is based in New York City.

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