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Dhos Bittersweet is meticulously produced using precise flavors and extracted oils to create an intense and authentic taste. The spice notes are a fusion of fresh vanilla bean, bitter roots, dried and fresh green herbs, and crushed field flowers, all cold-pressed to express their purest and natural essence. This non-alcoholic aperitif is made with all-natural flavors and has undergone lab testing to ensure it is pesticide-free.

a non-alcoholic low calorie aperitif

Dhos Bittersweet encapsulates the traditional flavors of bitter rhubarb, brulée of oranges, cinchona, gentian root, and bitter herbs. It offers an exotic and floral experience with layers of spice and fruity notes, including baked oranges, watermelon, dried strawberries, kumquat, and ripe yellow cherries, all contributing to its wild complexity. The aroma is enriched with a combination of fresh vanilla bean, bitter roots, dried and fresh green herbs, and crushed field flowers. The texture is smooth and silky, featuring a balanced richness that culminates in a spiced finish with flavors of rhubarb, cinchona, vanilla, herbs, and burnt citrus oil. Moreover, Dhos Bittersweet is sugar-free and boasts a mere 5 calories, allowing you to craft the perfect 'Bittersweet Spritz' with just soda water and crushed ice.

Made With The Purest And Cleanest Ingredients

The Dhos approach involves blending ingredients to craft their non-alcoholic spirits, rather than employing alcohol removal methods. Leveraging their extensive experience in blending wines and spirits, they understand the significance of each component contributing to the final product. Starting with premium natural botanicals and ingredients like citrus and spices, they aim to deliver a craft experience without the proof. Each recipe is meticulously handcrafted in small lots to ensure quality and consistency. Production is overseen by their team at the distillery, ensuring every batch receives the same attention dedicated to crafting and blending their whiskey and barrel-aged gin. The mixing process comprises three stages, with stringent quality checks at each step. The finished product is unfiltered to preserve the maximum flavor and aroma.

Natural Ingredients

Dhos sources natural ingredients alongside the highest quality natural flavors for all their non-alcoholic spirits.

Craft Production

Each batch is created in extremely small quantities, following a meticulous, handcrafted process, and is bottled immediately after blending to maintain maximum quality and freshness.

Our team at Ransom Distillery Created Dhōs Non-Alcoholic Spirits With An Eye Toward Craftsmanship And More Mindful Consumption For Free-Spirited Individuals.

The Adventure Began

Over 25 years ago, the journey commenced on the Ransom organic farm and distillery in Sheridan, Oregon, where the American craft spirits movement was pioneered. Their mission is purpose-driven, and their motto is 'hands-on production with low tech'—no robots or computers. Their dedication has transformed the industry, from reviving Old Tom Gin to leading the way in mash-built blended whiskeys. Their vermouth is renowned and has received top scores from key opinion leaders. Dhos was created with the same commitment to craftsmanship, offering a lineup of non-alcoholic spirits meant to be enjoyed on your terms.

The Creation of Dhos

The idea for Dhos originated from a conversation at the Ransom Farm & Distillery in Oregon when someone posed the question, 'What if we could provide the craft cocktail experience without any alcohol, giving people the freedom to drink on their own terms?' To bring this idea to life, they explored the 'virtual brands' available on the market and quickly realized the value of grounding their product in actual craft spirits. Thus, Dhos was born—a line of great-tasting non-alcoholic spirits that deliver the aromas, flavors, and mixability of classic craft spirits, with the only missing ingredient being alcohol.

Your Invitation

You're invited to elevate your Dhos of Freedom with their hand-crafted line of clean, high-quality non-alcoholic spirits from their Ransom home in Sheridan, Oregon. Their lineup of Gin Free, Bittersweet, and Orange will tantalize your taste buds while allowing you to bend the rules and celebrate life on your terms!

Dhos is Handcrafted in America at our Ransom Farm & Distillery in Sheridan, Oregon. Dhos has been formulated without harmful contaminants and toxins and is Certified Clean and Pesticide Free by the Clean Label Project. Manufactured in a cGMP certified facility, Dhos has undergone testing for over 400 contaminants and toxins. Store Dhos between 55-85 degrees Fahrenheit, with a shelf life of 6 months after opening.

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