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Leader Brewing was established based on the conviction that a non-alcoholic craft beer was necessary for individuals who have active lives and plenty of tasks to tackle. The team behind Leader Brewing comprises veterans with a rich history of accomplishing their goals. Their journey into the world of craft beer began when they took up homebrewing in the early 2000s, right in the heart of San Diego's thriving craft brewing scene. The unique styles and culture of San Diego's brewing community played a significant role in shaping what Leader Brewing would become, even in its non-alcoholic incarnation.

In their pursuit of crafting exceptional non-alcoholic brews, Leader Brewing has established a modest 5-barrel brewery equipped with everything needed to create their unique beverages in-house. They recognize the importance of maintaining control over the entire brewing process, especially in these early stages, to ensure they can perfect it for future growth. While it may be a demanding endeavor, their ultimate goal is to deliver a non-alcoholic craft beer that you'll absolutely adore.

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