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Discover Ceria: A Family-Run Craft Brewery

Ceria Brewing is a family-owned and operated craft brewery nestled among the lush green mountains of Colorado. Legendary brewmaster Keith Villa, his wife Jodi, and their daughter Catherine are the driving forces behind this independent brewery.

The Myth Behind Our Name

The name Ceria (rhymes with "area") draws inspiration from Ceres, the ancient Roman goddess of the harvest. Ceres, the guardian of precious crops like wheat, hops, and barley, was believed to hold the key to brewing exquisite beer. Having Ceres on their side is an honor that Ceria Brewing embraces.

Beer: A 5000-Year-Old Tradition

Beer has been a part of human culture for millennia. Around 5000 years ago, humans began experimenting with combinations of barley, water, and other ingredients to create this beloved beverage. With the same spirit of innovation, Ceria Brewing was founded. Their commitment to craft and the desire to approach brewing differently led to the creation of a range of alcohol-free beers that deliver the flavors you'd expect from a world-class brewery. By developing unique brewing methods and exploring various flavor profiles, Ceria Brewing is excited for you to experience their creations, which could be the most significant development in the world of beer since brewing itself.

The Flavor of Non-Alcoholic Beer

At Ceria Brewing, they've crafted their alcohol-free beers using a proprietary process that preserves the traditional mouthfeel and taste of an alcoholic craft beer. So yes, beers without alcohol can indeed taste like beer.

Pasteurization for Safety

Every can of Ceria beer undergoes tunnel pasteurization, ensuring consumer safety and shelf stability. Non-pasteurized beers carry the risk of harmful microorganisms and potential fermentation issues. Ceria Brewing takes health and safety seriously.

Exploring Cannabis Varieties

For those interested in exploring new horizons, Ceria Brewing offers versions of their alcohol-free beers with THC and CBD, available at licensed dispensaries in states where recreational cannabis is legal.

Ceria's Expanding Reach

Ceria Brewing has experienced remarkable growth in the non-alcoholic craft beer sector over the past year. Their commitment to a 0.0% ABV positioning and the increased focus on health and wellness have attracted the attention of distributors. Currently, their two flagship styles, Grainwave Belgian White and Indiewave IPA, are available through 40 distributors in 18 states and U.S. territories, including recent expansions into Texas and Puerto Rico.

The Health-Conscious Choice

The rise of the low- and no-alcohol movement, particularly during the pandemic, has made consumers more conscious of their health. The availability of craft non-alcoholic beers like Ceria has resonated with individuals seeking "better for you" beverage options. With year-to-date 2021 sales of non-alcoholic beer up by 31.5%, Ceria Brewing is well-positioned to provide a refreshing alternative, competing with beverages like ready-to-drink teas, energy drinks, and bottled water, especially during the summer months.

Expanding Horizons

Ceria Brewing's commitment to quality and innovation has led them to test their non-alcoholic brands in international markets such as Belgium, Canada, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, and the U.K., building upon their growing popularity in the U.S.

About Ceria Brewing Co.

Ceria Brewing Company is a C corporation based in Arvada, Colorado. Founded in January 2018 by Keith Villa, Ph.D., the creator and former brewmaster of Blue Moon Brewery, and his wife Jodi Villa, CEO, the company has received recognition as the "Startup of the Year" from Food Dive, a leading industry news publisher.

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