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Athletic Brewing Company is a craft brewery based in Stratford, Connecticut that is dedicated to producing high-quality, non-alcoholic beer. Founded in 2017 by Bill Shufelt, a former marketing executive, and John Walker, a former brewer at Two Roads Brewery, Athletic Brewing has quickly established itself as a leader in the non-alcoholic beer industry.

One of the things that sets Athletic Brewing apart is its wide range of non-alcoholic beers. The company offers a variety of styles, including stouts, IPAs, pilsners, and more, as well as seasonal and limited-edition releases. No matter what type of beer you prefer, there's likely to be something on offer from Athletic Brewing that will suit your tastes.

In order to produce its non-alcoholic beers, Athletic Brewing uses a variety of techniques, including reverse osmosis, vacuum distillation, and cold filtration. These techniques allow the company to remove the alcohol from its beers without sacrificing flavor or quality. The result is a selection of non-alcoholic beers that are as tasty and refreshing as their alcoholic counterparts.

In addition to producing great-tasting non-alcoholic beer, Athletic Brewing is also committed to sustainability. The company uses eco-friendly packaging and sources ingredients from local farms and suppliers whenever possible. This helps to reduce its environmental impact and support the local community.

Overall, Athletic Brewing is a fantastic option for anyone looking to enjoy high-quality, non-alcoholic beer as part of an active lifestyle. With a wide range of tasty and refreshing beers available, there's something for everyone at Athletic Brewing.

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